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Our beers

In brewing beer, like in everyday's life, we follow the rule, that natural is the best. That is why we brew our beers out of natural ingredients... Read More...
New location

We are very glad to inform you that from 26th of May you'll be able to reach Vunetovo at new location, Petrićevo setaliste 8 :)      ... Read More...
I love beer

Zoran Vitas wrote:  ...
Otillo Swimrun

Ottilo Swimrun maraton is taking place in Hvar again. More info at Great job!!        ... Read More...
Roasted Olives

A lot of Dalmatian rarities were not my cup of tea when I started visiting Hvar fifteen years ago. "Prsut" was too salty, sheep's milk cheese not... Read More...
After twenty years

Hvar is the most beautiful place on Earth. For me. No wonder that during my first visit to the island (which was precisely twenty years ago), after a... Read More...

New location

vunetovo2We are very glad to inform you that from 26th of May you'll be able to reach Vunetovo at new location, Petrićevo setaliste 8 :)







Mrgud the best!

ratebeerWhen at the end of 2015 we announced our new beer, Alaskan Mrgud, I have never dreamed that a little over one year later, the beer will receive such a prestigious award. As always in the process of creating a recipe, I mostly used my own intuition, but years of experience also count. Alaskan Mrgud (original name is Aljaski Mrgud) was a success from the very beginning. It's enough to say that it was the first Black IPA (IPA at all!) brewed by me, and that later there was no need to modify the recipe. I am of the opinion that the brewer first has to sort our everything in his/her own head, agree with himself as to what effect he wants to achieve, and then just implement it. I wanted my Mrgud to be more fruity than caramel, with an unusual aroma of berries, pine needles and coffee, with a solid, but not excessive bitterness. Despite the style name, for some deterrent - Black IPA - the beer was to be drinkable, not heavy and gently rounded with a caramel note. Does my Mrgud deserve to be recognized as the best beer brewed in Croatia in 2016? I'm not a person who would inject some votum, it's obvious, but looking at the issue completely objectively the anwser is yes and no. Yes, because it's really phenomenal beer. No, because it is not enough of it on the market. In my opinion the best beer should be selected from those that have at least fifty ratings on Ratebeer. What could be more valuable that such distinction? Of course yes, although I do not deny that this award filled me with joy. But people are more important that statistics. That is why I will remember 2016 as the year in which my brewing friends, Dunja and Vitaliy, chose Mrgud as a surprise gift for their wedding guests. I also remember the fact that Nicole arrived at our door on one hot day and during a relaxed chat over a beer, it turned out that she comes from Fairbanks (Alaska), where she runs a small shop with craft beers. Heard of Mrgud from Alaska, she decided to change a little a plan of her vacation in Slovenia and for two days she came to Hvar, to meet Togo, our Malamute, in whose honor the beer was named. She even decided to take two bottles of beer with her to Alaska as the gift for her boyfried. Well, it is success!

New beer

kandeloraIt is widely known that to all my beers I add something from Hvar, bitter orange peel (Americana), wild pepper (Farabut), medicinal herbs (Hvarska Medicina), fruit (Saison). It's high time to brew one beer according to the Reinheitsgebot, the Bavarian Purity Law (according to which the beer is brewed only with the participation of water, malt, hops and yeast). And indeed - our new beer does not have anything special although we smoked malt with our own fair hands :-) Smoked beer is not very popular. It is a bit like the slogan: Love it or leave it. Some people love it, others shudder with disgust at the mere mention of it. But the fact remains that a long time ago all the beers were more or less smelled and tasted quite smoky. I really like the inscription that accompanies the most famous smoked beer, Schlenkerla Rauchbier - "If a decoction with the first sip tastes a bit special, do not panic, because soon you will feel that desire persists, as your mood improves significantly." so much for the beer. But why Kandelora? Kandelora or "Gospa od fumonja" is celebrated on February 2nd Presentation of the Lord (Candlemas). In all Slavic cultures this festival is connected with fire and smoke. At time, let's call them pagan, on this day the fire was made and people tried to overtake winter. As a linguist by training I expecially like folk sayings associated with this holiday. Here on Hvar, "Kandelora, zimi fora, svi kosići priko mora" - which loosely translated means that the winter comes to the end, as young blackbirds are leaving for nearby islands. In Poland, where February 2nd is the middle of winter, this kind of saying: "They say that Blessed Candle is the winter hald, but sometimes is the beginning of it". But... let's come back to the subject. Beer fulfilled its objective. The aroma is a little smoky, a little malt. With the first sip smoky flavour dominates, but after the third and fourth we are getting used to the unusual taste and we notice other features - expecially malt. Well, cool again ;-)