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About us

1-300pxOur adventure with home brewing strated in November 2008. I still remember those emotions connected with first brewing and counting out the days til the tasting of our first ever beer. The effect has overgrown our expectations and from that moment I've found myself lost in the world of brewing for good. A great adventure and hobby began and it gradually evolved into passion. Many years have passed on experimenting with the existing recepies - modyfing them or creating my own. Soon I discoverd how rich the world of beer is. Purpose at the begging was simple - produce a tasty beer, to have it within the reach of our hands. As time went by it became something bigger - I gradually began gaining joy and satisfaction from showing others this fascinating new world, explaining the basic rules of brewing and overthrewing some of the myths linked to beer...The beer turism we offer has unique character. We remeber most of our guests and we try to approach each one of them individually – an attitude which certainly is a rarity in modern mass tourism. We stand for honesty towards the customer since the production processes are layed down and performed with maximum attention to detail. And because our enthusiasm hasn't been fading with the years, from time to time, we manage to come up with a new, seasonal recipe.
For this and many other reasons we'd like to encourage you to visit our website where you can find all the information that may interest you, as well as the updates on new projects and events coming up!