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Our beers

nase pivaIn brewing beer, like in everyday's life, we follow the rule, that natural is the best. That is why we brew our beers out of natural ingredients only. We are not that strict to fully abide by Bavarian Purity Law (Rheinheitsgebot) meaning brewing entirely out of malt, water and hops. Because what is wrong with adding some medicinal herbs, oatmeal or unmalted wheat grains. However, it is true that our beer is being made in our little home brewery from scratch starting from fragrant malt running through the fingers, aromatic hops, through adding a suitable stain of yeast, to the refermentation in bottles and the tasting after, of course, letting it mature for a proper period of time.


Dry Stout

farabutStout - dark, intransparent beer that, instead of the complexity of its taste and aroma, surprises with a high degree of drinkability. Low carbonation and correct temperature make one fully appreciate its merits. For it to obtain its unique bitterness, only English varieties oh hops are used. Oat malt gives it a creamy and silky flavor. It takes long to mature and is perfect for long evening talks.

ALC 5,4% vol

30 IBU






Hvarska Medicina

medicinaHvarska Medicina – carefully thought out recipe in a neutral style, based on hops giving it a balanced bitterness, let herbs of the island of Hvar come to the fore. Unique aroma, beautiful, white head, intensive but not overwhelming herbal taste with malty base in the background.

Alc 5,4% vol

IBU 25






À la Americana

americanaÀ la Americana - wheaten beer in American style. Wonderful aroma of hops from behind the ocean, energizing taste with a sharp strain of tropical fruit and full of wheaten malt flavour in the background. Mild gentian flavour is perceptible only at the end. Peel of bitter Hvar oranges from our own garden make a very special ingredient.

Alc 5,4 % vol

IBU 35






Alaskan "Mrgud"

aljaskiAlaskan "Mrgud" - beer brewed in honour of my beloved dog Togo, Alaskan Malamute. Mrgud is a classic black IPA - black beer with ruby reflexes, complex aromas and quite bitter. Despite this the beer is very drinkable and mild. And here we return to the name - Alaskan Mrgud - at first it may seem that the beer will be difficult in reception (black, with a slightly higher percentage of alcohol, hoped on 63 IBU), but as in the case of our Malamute the first impression is misleading because it's a beer with a high degree of drinkability, non-aggressive and well-balanced - soft as our Togo - Black IPA.

Alk. 5,9%

IBU 63




Saison Dekot

saison dekotEach brewing season, after the usual two month's break in July and August, starts with saison beer which is pretty complex and certainly unusual. This year is no exception. It mean using some ingredients characteristic of Hvar Island, mainly fruit which goes well with the saison style which is an open to experiments one. This time we added mountain ash and quince fruit which is not dominated though. I hope the style will make it to be a regular item of Vunetovo range of beers.

5,4% Alk.

30 IBU